Dungeons And Dragons Anyone?

So my campaigns that I play are on Tuesday and Wednesday of the week so I will try to update the next day on what’s going on in those campaigns. It just depends on how late it is when I get home . We are playing about four different campaigns at the moment. Seems like a lot I know. Which campaign we play depends on who shows up. So currently I play a sorcerer (Takara), Bard (Reina), a bad ass monk (Jackie), and a swashbuckler (Isabella). I have not started playing my swashbuckler yet, but I honestly can’t wait. I have a really cool back story that I have been working on for Isabella that I am going to post in parts. My goal is to post all of my character’s back stories, so you guys can give me some feedback. What are some of your favorite characters to play? I haven’t played my duel wielding swashbuckler yet so I can’t pick her. I would have to say my favorite would be my sorcerer. I am a magic kind of girl and being able to do insane amounts of damage is really fun for me. Being able to steal all the XP isn’t a bad thing either! Can’t wait to hear from you guys! Let’s talk D&D!


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