Show Me Your Dice Sets

Do you ever feel like your dice betray you? Do you get a new set when you just can’t get the rolls you need?


2 thoughts on “Show Me Your Dice Sets

  1. I have no idea what the number is but I used to carry two dice bags (which are antique bank bags) with me at all times and at home had a huge jar filled up. Me and a buddy bought 10 pounds worth online and split them, so I had dice for days. No matter what all those dice betrayed me….damnit!

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    1. I am planning to order more on amazon within the next week! I actually have a guy in my group that we feel have cursed dice. He is always rolling low no matter what. I mean it’s pretty hilarious that he is always critical failing but at the same time it sucks. My dice are alright. They have good nights and bad nights.

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