My Daughter is a Huge Nerd and I love It!


So my little one has always wanted to play D&D with me. I have been saying that I would create a duck bunny campaign for her one day. Something a little easy because she’s only five. Well my group couldn’t meet up this week and I was having withdrawals. So we fudged her a character a bit. I had her still roll for her stats. My dice obviously like her better than me. Her stats were great except for an eight. Not only were her stats great she instantly killed a duck bunny and a couple of my guards. My guards couldn’t even hit the little ninja.  She was still at full health before she had to go to bed. She decided that her character, who is named Emma, would be “a sneaky person.” I am just saying she was a pretty brave rogue. Instead of hiding from the five guards coming down the hallway , she decides to brazenly charge in and murder their asses. I think I raised one tough cookie. Have you guys ever played with your little ones?


2 thoughts on “My Daughter is a Huge Nerd and I love It!

  1. Awesome, since I don’t get the chance to game anymore I’ve always entertained the dream of teaching the kids when they’re older and making my own “in house” gaming group. This gives me hope…thank you 🙂


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