Updates/The Best Group

So I am almost done with the next part of Isabella’s story so that should be up soon. Hopefully you guys like it. If you want a cool character creation don’t be afraid to ask. This is my favorite part of dungeons and dragons.

I am also working on a campaign idea that I just have to write out so I can share with you guys. I think it’s pretty awesome and hopefully when my group plays it, they will be completely blindsided like I want them to be. I am actually collaborating with one player for this campaign to really throwing the others. I’m not telling him everything to give him an advantage just what he needs to know. >=)

You never know with my group though. I really do give them an A+ for imagination. For instance, we had a simple locked door and a couple people failed their rolls to open the door. I then had a sorcerer ray of frost the lock to make it brittle and our amazonian paladin break it with her brute strength.  We have also had a son of Pelor do a blood sacrifice. Needless to say his God was not happy. He now has a skeletal arm that is it has it’s own alignment. This same person has fallen into a moat full of blood and contracted orc aids. This was indeed rolled for. Orc aids were only even considered because a player asked and the DM obliged.

I am thinking about making a few videos of our group and posting them on here. i don’t know if you guys would be interested in that. What is the most creative solution your group has come up with? Let’s talk D&D!





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